Celphone class 101

I live with senior citizens and the digital age has finally caught up with them. 😁 They have already recognized the need of having gadgets and the importance of being kept updated with technology. I guess we have social media to thank for closing the wide gap. 

Now the wide gap is very real. As real as the hours they need to practice before being able to check pictures and add their old friends and acquaintances in Facebook. Now computers and celphones with keyboards is one thing but a small touchscreen phone is another. 📱📲 They are haunted by apps ‘disappearing’ and suddenly getting inside folders. 😂 One has to have a lot of patience showing them how to answer phonecalls by ‘swiping to the right’. (Tip: teach them how about the speaker feature so that they can hear the calls better. 👍) Also, regular phone settings maintenance may be necessary as apps and settings can be changed as they press things on their phones. 

This our task now young people – to teach our old how to thrive in these technology-savvy times, and to help them enjoy the benefits of this age as they did their own time in their youth. We too will grow old. There will always be a new generation to come and new technology and innovations created more complicated for us to comprehend. We can only strive to welcome change and hope that the next generation does us the same favor of keeping us in the loop. 👴👵👶👦👧👨👩