Truly a hidden gem in White plains! Thanks to my cousin, to dining apps, and to my fellow foodies, I found Bawais. Do not be fooled by their unattractive signage, go on and dine there. 😉 

The restaurant is fine dining in nature and the place was with lush greens and has a tropical theme. We would have sat al fresco but we were warned of mosquitoes. I hope they can fix that.

Anyway, the ambiance was very nice. I like the style and even the menu was designed according to the theme. I loved those small details!

Fastforward to the food – I super loved the double grilled pork belly! And I mean I loved it and could have eaten it again the next day! It was super soft and tasty! I can taste the lemongrass but there were also other herbs that were just combined perfectly. The mushroom and egg pie was also lovely. The serving was big aside from it being really yummy which gave us our money’s worth. I would definitely go back to order that.

The place had low light and I could not get a better picture. But who cares I will eat there again and just update the photo! 😅

We ordered the fresh lumpia and the seafood noodle soup as well. The noodle soup for sharing is only good for one if you are not eating anything else. The noodle soup is ok. I have eaten better noodle soups though. My mom said she liked the soup and said the taste is not overpowering. She also liked the fresh lumpia. I believe in many different tastes so those two may be good as well but I’m sure not as amazing as the pork. Lol. 

I ordered the dessert made of pandan and mung bean and being a stickler for anything chewy in texture, I liked it a lot.👍 The dessert was priced around 65 so it is affordable. I liked the sweetness of the coconut syrup on top.

The entree is priced around 300-450 and I am willing to pay that for the pork belly. 😂 We saw that the restaurant has a branch in Tagaytay so maybe we will eat there next time.

Overall it was a great experience – ambiance and food worked out great. 😁

Bawai’s: 😋😋😋😋 plus half 😋 (4.5)



I previously ate at Pino’s sister restaurant Pipino and have found it good so I was meaning to eat at Pino for quite some time now. The restaurant closes late around 12 midnight so we were able to try it out during that late saturday.

The restaurant had that artsy feel to it and was like in between casual and a semi fine dining place. The meal rates were about 250-400 but the serving was really big. The waiter even admitted that we may not need appetizers due to serving size.

We ordered bagnet kare kare, chicken cordon bleu, and crispy hito. The meals arrived and the servings were indeed hefty!

The kare kare was good but I would order it next time with plain rice. The rice was already bagoong rice so you do not need bagoong anymore. I like less bagoong than what was in the rice.

The cordon bleu was just ok. Nothing really fancy but still a big serving.

The hito was a hit with my mom! I did not try it but it looks really crispy and yummy even to the not hito-eater. You may need to request more atchara. 🙂 My mom said she would like to eat it again!

The only small serving is the iced tea. It was full of ice and not enough iced tea to really fill 3 glasses. You will fill the glasses if you have the ice. 😯

The food was fine (taste better than notmal and comes in a big serving) and the waiters very nice. I would still go back to the place and sample their other stuff.

Pino: 😋😋😋⚪⚪ plus half 😋 (3.5)

Celphone class 101

I live with senior citizens and the digital age has finally caught up with them. 😁 They have already recognized the need of having gadgets and the importance of being kept updated with technology. I guess we have social media to thank for closing the wide gap. 

Now the wide gap is very real. As real as the hours they need to practice before being able to check pictures and add their old friends and acquaintances in Facebook. Now computers and celphones with keyboards is one thing but a small touchscreen phone is another. 📱📲 They are haunted by apps ‘disappearing’ and suddenly getting inside folders. 😂 One has to have a lot of patience showing them how to answer phonecalls by ‘swiping to the right’. (Tip: teach them how about the speaker feature so that they can hear the calls better. 👍) Also, regular phone settings maintenance may be necessary as apps and settings can be changed as they press things on their phones. 

This our task now young people – to teach our old how to thrive in these technology-savvy times, and to help them enjoy the benefits of this age as they did their own time in their youth. We too will grow old. There will always be a new generation to come and new technology and innovations created more complicated for us to comprehend. We can only strive to welcome change and hope that the next generation does us the same favor of keeping us in the loop. 👴👵👶👦👧👨👩

Ko’s and St Marc Cafe

My friend and I recently got together and met at the UP Town Center. It is one of the malls I normally avoid because of parking traffic and the really long walk from the parking area to the actual stores. I decided it should be ok since I will just be dropped off anyway and do not need to do all that walking. 

The great thing about the mall is that there are some really neat dining options in that place. But since my friend and I wanted to try a new place, we decided on Ko’s. The place serves mediterranean cuisine which in our mind offers healthier options. I ordered salmon and my friend got the chicken kebab. I loved the Salmon!!!! 

The skin had like flaky salt and even though it looks charred it is not bitter at all. It was also not salty. 🙂 It was soft and baked just right. Again, I loved it and would go back to eat the same thing. 😍😋

We also ordered an appetizer of fried eggplant and zuchini with yogurt sauce. It was also great! Not oily even though it was fried. It does not look very much on the picture but it was really good.

My friend said the chicken kebab was also good so we got 3 out of 3 orders right.😁 By the way, I also ordered brewed coffee and it was nice. It is really brewed unlike the other restaurants who serve espresso coffee even if you ordered brewed. 😬 anyway it was not like that. Attendants were pleasant and I have not seen anything bad about the service. The entree was in range of 200-300 so not bad.

After dinner, instead of getting my second cup of coffee in there, we went to St Marc Cafe for coffee and dessert. My friend recommended the ‘Cros’ which is basically a croissant with chocolate inside. 

It was a hit for me!! 😍😋 It was really soft and flaky and the chocolate was just the right sweetness… but then I was drinking coffee so I guess I have to re-assess the sweetness next time. The cro was about 55 pesos and the coffee was like standard coffee price 120-150.

All in all, almost everything we chose turned out great. 🙆 It also had me consider going back to that mall again… Well well well, I guess if I can be swayed by anything, one of them would be good food. 😅

Ko’s: 😋😋😋😋 plus half 😋

St Marc Cafe: 😋😋😋😋💬

Artsy cafe 

A quaint little cafe at Maginhawa (may not be the right street because I think everything in that area is ‘at Maginhawa’). The store looks comfy and airy with nice looking tables and chairs. There’s a tree inside the outside area that they intentionally left there and has actually become a signature design of the place. (Pardon the blurry photo)

So anyway, the food we ordered were all very good! Don’t get fooled by the name Kani salad as it is not your normal kani salad. It has like crunchy fried noodles I think and the dressing is japanese sesame dressing. It was a big hit with my mom.

It was actually my second time to eat there and I just wanted to try the bangus sisig. The steak I tried last time was a big flop. The steak was already cooked before it was grilled. The bangus sisig as I remembered was nice. This time I tried it again and it was still nice although lacking a bit dry, more dressing or sauce would have made it even better. Sorry I started eating before I remembered to take a picture! 😅

We ordered also Chicken Parmigiana and again it is not your normal chicken parm on tomato based sauce. The chicken parm is the standard one but the pasta is dressed with creamy pesto sauce. The cheese was sticky and all and tasted good. The tomato sauce in the chicken parm can be improved. 🙂

The juices are also great. The smoothy with mint tastes like calamansi shake (another surprise). The lemon basil drink was what I expected though and it is also good.

Aside from good food, the store has a clean restroom than most stores. Cleam bathrooms says a lot in my book. 👍 And what’s exceptional with the restaurant is that the staff seem to be all friendly and really helpful from those attending us up to the security guard. 🙂 👏They even made sure my senior mom does not trip and gets to the car without incident. It was a great experience and we are definitely coming back. 🙂

Rating: 😋😋😋😋💬

Divi feels

Ever felt so good when you bought really nice clothes at Divi for super cheap prices? I’m sure just like me you even asked people to guess how much they think the clothes cost. Haha.

I felt that way about a paired clothing that I bought. The design and style were super nice that I even bought 3 sets!! And yes, I asked almost everyone how much they think the clothes cost to brag abiut how much of a great deal I got for them.

But now after about 2 months and 3 uses, I begin to remember why I should consider buying from other stores.. 😳 The pair was comprised of a short dress with shorts to wear inside. After 3 washes, the dress has now become really short and even goes above the shorts. Well come to think of it, I now have 3 new blouses! Talk about glass half-full!!!😄

I remembered the saying ‘if you want good it’s not cheap and if you want cheap it’s probably not good’. Again that’s a paraphrased version. 😉 In the end I think I still got a pretty good deal since the clothes are still usable. I may have to update this blog post though after 3 more washes…  😛

A newbie entrepreneur

Early in life, I found it hard to mark-up goods. I felt it was a wrong thing to do, which made me sure at that time that I was not into business.

It went on for quite a while and only during the time that I went to business school did I gain a real interest in business. I loved the fact that one’s ideas can actually benefit people and give one income as well! I do like the saying that profit is kind of the validation of the goods and services provided. That was a paraphrased version by the way.

I realized I wanted to put up a business and dreamed of putting up a business for years. I talked about it and thought about it. I remember one speaker saying those who want to do business but do not know what business to get on to are not ready for business. If you are ready for business you will know it. And that kinda happened to me, but with the help of several people very close to me. Everything fell into place but not without risks and a lot of decision-making. I think this may not be for the faint of heart. But with dreaming and praying and careful planning, anything is possible. 🙂

This is just the first part of me and my partners’ journey in business (only less than 3 months in operation) and I can say that it is not easy. But I am enjoying it in many ways especially the things I learn about the world of business, about myself, about people, about family. I dont know, whatever happens to this business adventure, I just seem to know that everything is going to be alright. 🙂

My salute to those who have kept their businesses alive and profitable for years!