Christmas musings

It was when I was watching television while waiting for something that I was doing (cant remember what it was no) that I heard the tv host say that it was only 8 days till Christmas. And then I suddenly thought to myself, what happens when we reach Christmas? What am I counting down to? 🤔

Maybe I am getting old that I am not sure what I am counting to since I dont go to my Ninangs and Ninongs anymore nor is there any traditional gathering or event we do on Christmas. I mean when December 25 comes, nothing really out of the ordinary happens. Because of that I was forced to think and it was when I was reminded of what Christmas is all about. 

Christ’s birth is being celebrated. It is a day or say a season full of love and hope because God has given us the gift of His Son because of His great love for us. Whatever people may call this season today to make it politically correct (which I perfectly understand), this holiday season was still rooted from the savior’s birth. 

And so after being reminded of such, I was able to appreciate more all the Christmas activities and intentionally made time to pause, celebrate, feel the magic of the season and just have peace in the midst of all that is happening in and around me.

Celebrating the season included (of course not limited to) eating my favorite ramen while thinking about Christmas and listening to chimes and Christmas songs, enjoying buying and making gifts for my friends, and binge watching on Christmas movies. 😁

There is nothing more magical than Christmas! Even the hardest of hearts can have a soft spot during this season. It is a time when anything can be possible! I think in a sense that’s what is called the magic of Christmas.

And so with all these thoughts, I counted. I counted with enthusiasm and I counted with expectancy. Nothing like having purpose and understanding (counting down)  in what one is doing. Lol.