Home cooked food

Once you have made your own good version of meals, it’s just hard to eat the same from outside. You kind of think that what you can make at home tastes better and yet you pay more at the restaurants! 😁 

There is not a lot of food I can cook good but I could just imagine how the chefs may have felt. Yet also it increases your appetite to try out different tastes and types of food. Cooking makes one a better ‘eater’ I would say. 😉 

I had some time after work to cook and with the lack of someone who will cook good food (getting tired of mom’s hotdogs!), I went ahead and started cooking again. I cooked whatever mom bought. And they were a very good audience for my food! Lol

Here’s some I tried in the past days.

Tangy and savory chicken gizzard and liver adobo

Tortang talong and egg. I just fried the skin so as not to waste it. And we looove our eggplant skin.

Szechuan garlic spicy eggplant. (Not sure how the first word spells. Just typed what felt right. Lol.)

Pork patties and gravy

Tuna garlic tomato sauce and thin spaghetti. Yum!! Dont care about the carbs when eating pasta! 😋😋😋

Buttery garlicky refried shrimps

Chicken tinola with lemongrass and malunggay. Healthy and yummy. Perfect for the cold weather. Like a warm hug. 😍

Just a few things I have tried thanks to the internet and my tita. 😁 made from a few ingredients. Nothing like knowing what went into your food – no msg guaranteed! (Oops I used broth cubes on some so not sure then)

I Love cookin and I love seeing people happy and satisfied while eating. I just hope the dishes and pots and pans wash themselves automatically! Haha.