Good coffee

People change – and I am a changed person because of coffee. 😆

From someone who cannot even stand to drink brewed coffee, i have become a coffee lover counting on brewed and strong coffee to keep me awake and alert. 

Got me thinking about the coffee I drink most of the time…

Dunkin – about 50 pesos. i like the taste ( bit strong but still light) and it’s caffeine level is strong

McDonalds – 35-50 pesos. taste is good (clean and light and aromatic) and I would say medium

UCC at Family mart – 55 pesos. a bit heavy (maybe thick?) I think on the texture and strong

Country style – 50 pesos. almost the same as McDonalds

Starbucks – 100-200 pesos. i still cant find the right balance for its brewed cofee unlike for their espresso based drinks. Their normal brewed is strong but the reserve variants are stronger. 🙂 i get the reserve variant for the cookie that comes along with it. (Sort of fooling myself that I did not buy dessert or sweets)

UCC cafe – 150-220 pesos. i love the UCC special blend and the sumiyaki! Maybe it is with the cream and the sugar… Both flavors are strong. The great thing here is you really taste the distinct flavor of their coffee and the differences in flavor of each variant. Or at least for the 2 I mentioned.

Coffee bean – 100-200 pesos. hasnt been a fan. I like their food though. I go there more for the food. 😀

Toby’s estate – 120-200 pesos. still has not registered to me. 🙂 i found the mocha nice.

Vietnamese coffee – 100-120 pesos. i like the iced coffee on the rocks. I forgot the name of the coffee shop where I used to buy it. It closed because the coffee was pricey. They should have improved their packaging. If you see it, it looks like a 50-peso drink.

Chilis – they have unli brewed coffee. For about 100, it is sulit!

And so I just switch coffees every now and then depending on how much of a sleepy head I am on that day. I also do it to make sure my coffee taste buds don’t get fatigued. 😊 

(picture not in any of the places I mentioned above. 😅)


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