Divi feels

Ever felt so good when you bought really nice clothes at Divi for super cheap prices? I’m sure just like me you even asked people to guess how much they think the clothes cost. Haha.

I felt that way about a paired clothing that I bought. The design and style were super nice that I even bought 3 sets!! And yes, I asked almost everyone how much they think the clothes cost to brag abiut how much of a great deal I got for them.

But now after about 2 months and 3 uses, I begin to remember why I should consider buying from other stores.. 😳 The pair was comprised of a short dress with shorts to wear inside. After 3 washes, the dress has now become really short and even goes above the shorts. Well come to think of it, I now have 3 new blouses! Talk about glass half-full!!!😄

I remembered the saying ‘if you want good it’s not cheap and if you want cheap it’s probably not good’. Again that’s a paraphrased version. 😉 In the end I think I still got a pretty good deal since the clothes are still usable. I may have to update this blog post though after 3 more washes…  😛


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