Crossfit or Crosseat

And so I did crossfit today after a long time of not having exercise. I don’t know if it was the effect of the new-year-new-everything spirit or the many pictures of my once thin self being thrown my way by my friends. 

I found the workout very challenging with my knees buckling with the many squats. Slight unevenness on the roads seem like great obstacles after the workout. It was a bit sad that I was not able to complete it but then again I just paced myself and resolved to get stronger with time.

I met my mom and ate afterwards at Shakey’s for dinner. My mom was very fixed on trying out the 2017 meal which would give a huge savings. Not sure if we really saved a lot because the 3 of us of course could not finish the meal for 8-10 pax!

I mean the combo was great – you get to choose your salad and pizza flavor. I think it’s a bang for the buck. There was a lot of food! We are crazy. Lol.

Makes me think that what I really did today was more of ‘crosseat’ and not crossfit.;p 


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