On sharing

I have long wanted to start my own blog to be able to share my thoughts and experiences for reasons such as help others avoid the mistakes I have made, share tips on good food and things, and make lives a bit easier for people with the information they may read from my posts.

And now, finally, I got the time, energy and enough confidence to start sharing. I normally overthink and so find it hard to decide what to write and if to even write about what I wanted to write. I even confuse myself like that sometimes. 🙂

But just having the blog created is one item crossed out of my bucket list. It is one of the very reachable dreams that I only got to achieve only now. Sometimes we only need to take that one step, stop thinking about what others may think, and stop worrying about things too far out in the future to be able to follow our heart. It took years, but here I am now, living the dream. 🙂


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